2020 Bible reading Plan

2020 Bible reading Plan

In 2020, we will continue with the M’Chenye (“McShane”) Bible reading plan, starting with one chapter in Acts per day. The full M’Chenye reading plan covers four chapters a day and covers the Old Teastment once, New Testament twice, and Psalms twice.

  • Why? — To encourage regular Bible reading and enable easy accountability. Moreover, reading the Bible together makes it easy to discuss what you read with brothers and sisters. 
  • Who? — You and your CCC family! But many believers follow this plan. This year, The Gospel Coalition is producing articles and podcasts that will follow the plan all year.
  • What? — The M’Chenye plan covers four chapters a day, but we will read one together. For now, we will read the fourth reading together, starting in Acts.  Definitly consider reading more than one chapter a day, but prioritize Acts. For each day in January, read the corresponding chapter in Acts; I.e. on the fifth day read the fifth chapter of Acts.
  • How? — Easy to print pdfs are plentiful: ESV.org’s version, bookmarks, and a clevel layout with background and tips. You can find all the readings and even get a daily email with this site, (use a January 1, 2020 start date). Often, you can find devotionals from Don Carson keyed to the plan here. The Gospel Coalition is running a newsletter all year, as well as a podcast.
  • What if I miss days?
    You want healthy, sustainable habits and the benefits of reading with other church members. Therefore, when you sit to read, always at least read the reading for that day. If you miss a day or two, catch up. However, if you miss several days and do not have time to catch up, then read the current day’s reading but do not catch up. Catching up is good, but falling behind because the task becomes overwhelming is not good.

If this reading plan makes you anxious or pessimistic, deliberately sidestep those anxieties and instead pray for your church family’s reading habits and ponder the applications of whatever you’ve most recently read in God’s word!



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