Missions and Evangelism

Missions and Evangelism

Jesus gave us clear instructions: The mission of the church is to make and mature disciples of Jesus. To be faithful and fruitful, we must consistently strive to live out our mission at all times. Which is why you see a satellite image of our neighborhood above. We need to be reminded that Louisville is our mission field.

Unfortunately, our inexperience and our circumstances conspire to make us ambassadors of Christ who never leave the embassy. We must recognize and deal with every obstacle: The busyness of life, the chilling of our culture, the distraction-machines in our pockets, a lack of know-how, a fear of rejection, a fear of embaresment, etc.

Therefore, almost everything we do as a church supports our purpose. For example, a bible lesson on a happily tolerated sin can also cut out a sin that compromises our witness before non-believers. Likewise, our proactive love for one another visibly demonstrates the work of God.

Moreover, we deliberately band together to communicate the Good News and enable every member to grow in personal evangelism.

International Fellowship

Dumping Making at a CCC event!

For over five years, we have served Chinese internationals. This ministry grew organically from personal evangelism and now centers around the weekly International Fellowship and personal relationships. During the International Fellowship, we grow as friends of Chinese internationals, serve a home-cooked meal, and share a gospel-driven bible lesson, with the warmth and clarity required for non-native speakers.

Outside of the weekly meetings, we show hospitality and build relationships so that we can answer questions, share our lives, and personally share our faith.

Growing in Evangelism

By making evangelism a consistent focus in the life of the church, we help one another deal with our inhibitions and obstacles, and we grow in both heart attitude and habits.

Roughly twice a month, evangelism training is a focus during our breakfast hour. Our small groups seek to share the good news together. During weekly prayer, we pray for our personal ministries. And we seek to faithfully teach the evangelistic call and instruction that permeates the New Testament.

Some of us share the gospel every week or every day. Some of us need a helping hand from those who do! All of us are on the same mission.

World missions

A billion years from now, the value of our time in Louisville, KY will be measured by its eternal impact. Did we make disciples? Did we develop disciple-makers?

Our church exists to proclaim the gospel and to joyfully launch gospel-proclaiming ambassadors wherever God sends them.

Christ Community Church of Louisville exists to exalt our God through Jesus Christ by boldly proclaiming the gospel, by worshiping wholeheartedly as a people united in the Spirit, by building one another up, and by joyfully sending our members into ministry for Christ around the world.

Christ Community Church Mission Statement

Past CCC members serve as missionaries overseas, as missionaries and missions leadership in the United States, as pastors of evangelistically minded congregations, and as lay members leading Bible studies both here and overseas.

We support missionaries financially through SBC Cooperative Program giving.

Photo by Brett Zeck on Unsplash