Our Story

Our story is two stories. We are part of a new story: Christ Community Church of Louisville launched on August 21, 2011. The first story goes back sixty years to the time before World War II.

Just before the war broke out, a new neighborhood was emerging on the hills across Brownsboro Road from Clifton, called Clifton Heights. Back then, people didn’t travel around town to get to church, so some of the churches in the area began to plant new churches in Clifton Heights. Clifton Baptist Church began a mission to plant Clifton Heights Baptist Church at that time. To get things started, the pastor of Clifton Baptist Church began preaching in a tent in Clifton Heights on Sunday afternoons in 1943. They then bought a piece of land for the church in 1946, built a building in 1948, and added an education wing in 1955.

Clifton Heights Baptist Church has had its ups and downs over these sixty years. In the middle of 2008, the church was small, struggling financially, and without a pastor. It was then that the mother church of CHBC proposed helping them to revitalize their ministry. They sent Steve Matteucci, along with twenty other members, to start a new phase of ministry in Clifton Heights.

At that time, God did many good things at the church: the aging building was renovated and greatly restored, worship services were energized, the Word of God was faithfully taught, and a new constitution was written. Praise the Lord!

In August 2011, our story began: We launched as Christ Community Church of Louisville (CCC).

Launching CCC expressed the commitment of our congregation to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to our neighborhood, to show the love of Christ to the hurting around us, and to send the gospel around the world.

God has continued the good work he began in us. Friends have come to Christ and our members have grown as disciple makers and in their love for one another. In 2014, regular Bible studies with non-believers became a thriving ministry to internationals. As a church, we befriend our neighbors and internationals (neighbors who often have few American friends). Together, we share meals with them, engage needs with Christ-like love, and share the Good News of the gospel with everyone we can.