Resources: Coronavirus and the Christian

Resources: Coronavirus and the Christian

Below is a list of helpful resources for Christians during the current Coronavirus pandemic. They cover a range of topics and applications, so I pray that at least one resource will be helpful and applicable to you and your personal walk with Christ during this trying time.

Coronavirus and Christ
A letter from John Piper introducing Desiring God content on the Pandemic.
“It matters little what we think about the coronavirus. But it matters forever what God thinks. He is not silent about what he thinks. Scarcely a page in the Bible is irrelevant for this crisis.”

Theological Reflections on the Pandemic
A theological survey concerning the bible’s teaching on disease and our response to sickness by faith.
“Thus, global health crises prompt us to reflect on the true pandemic of human rebellion against a holy God. Sickness reveals our fears and exposes our idols and serves as an urgent invitation to seek the Lord. All people—rich and poor, young and old, religious and non-religious—are susceptible to sickness and are certain to die one day. Yet for followers of Jesus, sickness tests our faith, reveals our hope, and moves us to be zealous for good works.”  

Plague and Providence
A lesson from Zwingli about facing fear and uncertainty when death and hardship seem overwhelming. 
“Help, Lord God, help in this trouble! I think death is at the door. Stand before me, Christ, for you have overcome him. To you I cry: If it is your will, take out the dart that wounds me nor lets me have an hour’s rest or repose. Will you, however, that death take me in the midst of my days, so let it be. Do what you will, nothing shall be too much for me. Your vessel am I, to make or break altogether.”

Songs to Sing in a Pandemic
From Bob Kauflin and Sovereign Grace Music, a Spotify playlist of 39 songs to encourage and refresh. 

Practice Hospitality, Especially During COVID-19
Good wisdom from Rosaria Butterfield on what wisdom and love mean in trying times as Christians try to live out an ethic of hospitality. 
“In the weeks and months ahead, our lives may change in ways we cannot even imagine at this moment. And our faith may grow in ways we could not have even imagined without the testing of COVID-19. Christian hospitality shines brightest in days of persecution and plague. During hard times—dangerous times—when Christians demonstrate that real love takes courage, we model Christ to a watching world.”

Obedience to God and Love of Neighbor in the Face of Coronavirus
Albert Mohler explains the Christian mandate to obey government authorities through the lense of neighborly love as society strives to curb the growth of this virus. 
“Love of God comes first, and love of neighbor flows directly from that first love. As Jesus said, all the law and the prophets hang on these two commandments. And we are also commanded to obey rightful authority. With life and death, sickness and health, hanging in the balance, Christians should be clear-headed about our duty.”

More Tips on Living in Lockdown from Christians in Italy 
Tim Challies shares some practical and spiritual advice from Christians living in one of the the countries hardest hit by the pandemic. There are several general tips here as well as some specific testimonies from wives, mothers, fathers, and pastors. 

How the World Worshiped on One of the Most Unusual Sundays in Church History 
A photo gallery collected from all over the world documenting how Christians worshiped on March 22, 2020.

Resources to Serve You During the COVID-19 Outbreak
Ligonier has some of the finest teaching collections for Christians desirous of learning. During this dramatic season Ligonier is serving the Church by making available for free almost their entire library plus special discounts for other incredible resources. 

All the Free and Discounted Stuff for these Difficult Times 
Tim Challies has also collected some links to many free and discounted materials to help Christians make use of their time indoors ( updated frequently).


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