Small Groups

Small Groups

Our church gathers weekly in two small groups. The Sowell Small Group meets Sunday evenings at 6pm at the Sowell home. The Bramsen Small Group meets Wednesday evnings at 7pm at the Bramsen home.

Small Group Covenant

A form of this covenant is used by each group.

This covenant is meant to be a helpful summary of what it means to “love one another” in this small group and to together love others. We meet on Wednesdays from –pm to –pm at the ——— home.

The purposes of our small group are:

  1. To encourage and strengthen one another through study, dialogue, prayer, accountability, and fellowship.
  2. To walk with one another as we seek to obey and honor Christ individually.
  3. To together be a source of light and the love of Christ for others.


  1. Priority — I will give attendance at small group priority in my schedule.
  2. Accessibility — I will be accessible, giving you the right to call on me in times of need. When we are together, I will not be distracted but talk with you and care for you.
  3. Vulnerability — I will be honest about my sins, worries, weaknesses, and desire to grow. I will choose the risks of openness so that you can encourage, correct, and pray for me.
  4. Confidentiality — I will keep what is said in our group respectfully confidential, unless I am given permission to share it with others.
  5. Accountability — I give you permission to hold me accountable in my life and conduct as a Christian, and to the goals we have set as a group. This should occur frequently as encouraging and exhorting one another, in part so that the less frequent need to challenge one another will be productive!
  6. Service — I commit to serving you with the love of Christ.
    1. I will desire and act for your good, working to help you know God, grow in Christ-likeness, and glorify God with a fruitful life.
    2. I will be sensitive to your physical, spiritual, emotional, and discipleship needs.
    3. I will readily join you in serving others.
  7. Prayer — I will pray for you regularly.
  8. Review — I will review this covenant so that it functions as a useful reminder and I will maintain an open heart towards my responsibility to love and serve you. I will repent of shortcomings and plan to grow in faithfulness towards you.
  9. Personal Responsibility – My commitment to love you in these ways is not dependent on how consistent you are, but on my obedience to Christ.

This covenant becomes a description of our vibrant Christian fellowship when we are characterized by love for one another. If we suspend the covenant at 9pm on Wednesdays, this covenant will be like the empty vows of a couple with a cordial, but cold, marriage.